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400 Employees Fired ----Yet Another TSA Screener Fired on Charges of Larceny

Yet Another TSA Screener Fired on Charges of Larceny

ABC News reports : " TSA Screener Fired for Alleged Theft in Charlotte"

Almost 400 people have been fired for theft from the TSA since it was created in 2003. Even ABC pulled a sting on one such person.

PA President Eugene Delgaudio says "The TSA is invasive, and presents its employees with all too many opportunities to abuse their authority."

ABC News reports (in part):

An airport screener with the Transportation Security Administration at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport is the latest TSA officer to be fired for stealing from passengers, following an ongoing ABC News investigation into theft within the agency.

Reggie Edwards, 52, was charged with larceny under $50 after allegedly stealing $36 from a passenger's suitcase on New Year's Day.

"TSA does not tolerate theft and moved immediately to terminate this individual," said the TSA in a statement confirming Edwards' dismissal.


Edwards joins a growing list, now numbering nearly 400, of TSA officers to be fired for theft since the agency was incepted in 2003.

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