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Illinois Senate passes same-sex marriage measure........Rino Senator welcomes illegal homosexual aliens to Maine

Illinois Senate passes same-sex marriage measure

The Illinois Senate passed a measure Thursday to legalize same-sex marriage, voting 34-21.

CNN is reporting : "The state House will consider it next. Gov. Pat Quinn, a Democrat, has indicated he would sign the bill."

Illinois would be the 10th state, plus the District of Columbia, to legalize same-sex marriage, according to Lambda Legal, a gay rights organization.

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Rino Senator welcomes illegal homosexual aliens to Maine

A New England Republican is currying favor with the homosexual lobby again.

Collins joins Leahy, backs recognition of same-sex partners under immigration law

The Hill reports

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) will introduce legislation that would allow U.S. citizens to sponsor their same-sex partner for legal residency in the country.

Collins is the first Republican supporter of the bill, which Leahy has introduced in each Congress since 2003. She said it would help keep same-sex families together by giving them the opportunity to live in the United States legally.

"More than two dozen countries recognize same-sex couples for immigration purposes," said Collins in a statement. "This important civil rights legislation would help prevent committed, loving families from being forced to choose between leaving their family or leaving their country."

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