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"Boy Scouts, Get Rid of Your Moles" Yet Another Group Joins Eugene Delgaudio demanding "infilitrators" be driven out

Gina Miller of scottfacotor writes:

For most of the last century, leftists have been infiltrating positions of power in our local, state and federal governments, our schools and every major institution. They have done this in order to promote godless, communist ideology and to subvert traditional American values based on true freedom (not to be confused with immoral license) and common-sense morality that ultimately stems from God's Word. The result of this long-running invasion of our culture is a degeneracy of the soul and conscience of our nation.

There is no area that is free from this assault. Those of us who have repeatedly warned that homosexual "rights" and our natural, God-given rights cannot coexist have been met with ridicule and irrational denials of the truth of this warning. Yet, it becomes increasingly clear that it's true. The goal of the radical homosexual movement is to force society to unconditionally accept the degenerate behavior and presence of homosexuality in every area of society, no exceptions. This means that Christians will be forced to give deference to homosexuality in spite of their conscience and knowledge of the unnatural, unhealthy and immoral behavior that it is.

So, the militant homosexual campaign continues, and its targets often fold like accordions at the threats and intimidation tactics the homosexual bullies employ. We have all been watching this assault against the Boy Scouts of America. The homosexual radicals are fanatically pushing the Scouts to change their proper policy against the intrusion of homosexual Scout leaders and members. With the extreme, homosexual pressure being brought against this Christian organization, we see that the Scouts are wavering.

Scouts help vets

Scouts help vets

While it's good that the Scouts have decided to postpone a decision on the homosexual matter until May, the fact that they would even consider a policy change that flies in the face of moral truth and Boy Scout tradition, shows how powerfully effective the homosexual bully tactics are.

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