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HOTAIR backs Eugene Delgaudio Prediction On Obama Administration Destroying Marriage Laws

This is another report that supports Public Advocate's thinking about the methods being used by the Obama administration and the Gay Lobby to further the agenda of homosexual marriage.

Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio says "The Obama Administration has every intention of overturning any Constitutionally and legally based voter referendum and any local law protecting marriage."

It boils down to the fact that the Obama administration is planning on co-opting every strict Constitutionalist in the United States to their cause.

If the administration has its druthers, then courts would have legal grounds to order priests to conduct same-sex weddings, even when their religious principles forbid such things.

In's posting titled " DOJ to ask Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage in California - and beyond?", ALLAHPUNDIT says :

The news here isn't that O's weighing in on the side of Ted Olson and David Boies.

Technically he doesn't need to get involved, but good luck explaining that to his base if he sits this one out and the decision comes back 5-4 in favor of upholding Prop 8 four months from now. They'll want to know why he didn't lend the imprimatur of the presidency to the biggest gay-rights case in U.S. history.

What's he supposed to tell them? That he needed to keep up the charade that he's in any way opposed to court-imposed legalized gay marriage for just a little bit longer?

The news also isn't that O's revealing himself once again to have been a liar on this issue.

When he ran in 2008, he pretended to be against gay marriage to parry Republican claims that he was a devout liberal rather than the centrist "post-partisan pragmatist" his campaign touted him as. He finally dropped the facade last year - it's politically safe now to support gay marriage, even in the GOP (sort of) - but he's continued to insist that this issue should be left to the states because - I'm not sure why........

No, the news is that the DOJ might be aiming higher than just Prop 8.

No one's seen their amicus brief yet as I write this, but both Politico and WaPo have sources hinting that this might be bigger than legalizing gay marriage in California. They might be making a play for the entire United States.

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