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Eugene Delgaudio Calls Mayor Michael Bloomberg "King of Gay Bath Houses"

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks to the media aboard the

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks to the media aboard the

It seems strange that Mayor Bloomberg, who paints himself as an advocate for public health, turns a blind eye to a consistent health concern in New York City about Reputed Gay Bathhouses in New York city.

In a published account at a special interest website with a no reporters name attached to it:

"In the name of public health Nanny Bloomberg in New York City won't let his subjects gulp down a 16-ounce soda or light up a cigarette at a bar but as the HIV epidemic continues unabated it's apparently still okay to cruise for anonymous sex among the maze-like corridors of the East and West Side Clubs where gay men can rent claustrophobic cubicles for their presumed hookups.

A new study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concludes that "one in five gay men in the United States has HIV, and almost half of those who carry the virus are unaware that they are infected" as reported by Darryl Fears for The Washington Post.

"Dr. Demetre C. Daskalakis, a professor at New York University's School of Medicine, "has been conducting HIV research in two Manhattan bathhouses-the East Side Club and the West Side Club-since 2006" as reported by a Jan 22. 2008 article ("Researchers Support NYC Bathhouse Regulation") for POZ Magazine: "so far, he has tested about 1,000 MSMs [men who have sex with men] for HIV and other STDs and has referred those in need of health care to Bellevue Hospital, which is funding his studies."

And yet so-called gay bathhouses in New York City apparently remain open.

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