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Savage Dances On Mayor Bloomberg's Political Grave As Judge halts "King of Bathhouses" Mayor Bloomberg's soda ban, calls it 'arbitrary and capricious

Radio Host Michael Savage joined Public Advocate's calling out Mayor Bloomberg on allowing
homosexual bath houses to flourish while going after soda drinking.

"Why doesn't Mayor Bloomberg stop pornography and pot smoking to children. Pornography
breaks up families and liberals are pushing pot smoking down our throats. Marijuana is more
toxic than anything and causes cancer and brain damage yet the mayor does not do a thing
about pornography or marijuana abuse," said Michael Savage on his show.

Tonight Savage celebrated a court decision throwing out Mayor Bloombergs attempt to regulate soda drinking in New York as "arbitrary and capricious".

Public Advocate condemned the overreaching and illegal nature of the regulation prior to the court decision calling Bloomberg "King of the Homosexual Bathhouses".

The New York Post reports: "A state judge today put a cork in City Hall's plans to ban Big Apple restaurants and other venues from selling large sugary drinks -- a bubble-bursting defeat for Mayor Bloomberg, who has made public health a cornerstone of his tenure.

Before the stunning ruling by New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling, restaurants, movie theaters, sports venues, convenience stores and other places regulated by the city's health department would have been prohibited -- starting tomorrow -- from selling sugary drinks of more than 16 ounces."

Tingling permanently stopped the city from enforcing the ban.

"[The city] is enjoined and permanently restrained from implementing or enforcing the new regulations," Judge Tingling ruled."