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Eugene Delgaudio: CPAC "Raspberries" to Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell Over Gay Judge and $6 Billion Tax Hike

Eugene Delgaudio: CPAC "Raspberries" to Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell Over Gay Judge and $6 Billion Tax Hike

While one Virginian was cheered at an opening session at CPAC 2013 in Maryland at the National Harbor, another Virginia elected official was openly booed, protested or condemned for his political shenanigans.

A dozen protestors including Public Advocate's president Eugene Delgaudio, who posed with a Bob McDonnell imposter asking for more money from CPAC attendants, were outside an appearance at a side hall to the main convention hall. Up a narrow starcase to a room for a limited $50 per ticket group for Ralph Reed's Prayer breakfast.

Below thousands of CPAC attendees were handed a two sided bogus Bob McDonnell "personal" check for $6 billion representing the tax hike he has asked for and has been passed by the Virginia Legislature on one side.

On the 2nd side there was a condemnation for McDonnell welcoming an openly pro-homosexual Judge last year.

The message said in part: Last year, the Virginia General Assembly rejected the nomination to District Judge, of Tracy Thorne-Begland, an activist who worked with the radical Human Rights Campaign to promote the homosexual agenda. The State Circuit Court Judges in Richmond appointed him anyway. And Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell welcomed it-- "that's wonderful" he said in published accounts. THIS IS A BROKEN PLEDGE TO SUPPORT TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE."

A Public Advocate volunteer held a giant sign "Gov. Bob McDonnell Gave Away $6 Billion of Your Money" in front of the entrance to the breakfast, on Friday morning, where McDonnell had to go wihtout fanfare to speak to.

The previous morning, Thursday, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli spoke to the entire CPAC conference as the conference began for the 40th year.

Thousands of CPAC attendees joined Public Advocate condemning Bob McDonnell for his embrace of an openly pro-homosexual judge in Richmond and his tax hike betrayal of his previous pledge to not raise taxes.