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Easter Season Scandal: Pro-Gay Lobbyist To Run Ohio Republican Party

"The cabal of pro-homosexual lobbyists have scored their first fruits of moral collapse by liberal Republicans with the awarding of a paid plum position with the Republican Party. In return gay money is now flowing into the Ohio State Republican coffers for this Easter Time Betrayal, says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate. is reporting " - The Republican Party of Ohio has appointed as its executive director a registered lobbyist for the group that is actively campaigning to redefine marriage in the state, deepening the conflict between voters and the party elite. The move triggered swift backlash, as a coalition of 80 conservatives from across the state issued a letter warning party bosses they "will not support them" in the future."

The new GOP leader is Matt Borges, a lobbyist for Equality Ohio, the group pressing to overturn the state's constitutional amendment against same-sex "marriage." Borges was hand-selected by retiring state GOP chairman Bob Bennett, who has led the party since 1988 with a brief interregnum, and is seen as Bennett's heir apparent. Bennett retires May 31. The Associated Press describes Borges as the party's "chairman-in-waiting."