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Eugene Delgaudio In Illinois On Attempts to Create "same-sex" marriage-- supports view "neither Church nor State invented marriage"

Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate says "So much of the hyped debate over Homosexual Marriage comes from the fact that people have once again forgotten that our "Unalienable Rights" do not come from government. Government serves only to defend those rights, or is at least supposed to. There are serious ramifications of accepting Homosexual Marriage as viable."

Catholic writer Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., says

"(An Illinois) law is being proposed in the General Assembly to change the legal definition of marriage in Illinois to accommodate those of the same sex who wish to "marry" one another.

In this discussion, the (Catholic) Church will be portrayed as "anti-gay," which is a difficult position to be in, particularly when families and the Church herself love those of their members who are same-sex oriented. What's at stake in this legislative proposal and in the Church's teaching on marriage?"

Further George says: "Basically, the nature of marriage is not a religious question. "

Marriage comes to us from nature. Christ sanctifies marriage as a sacrament for the baptized, giving it significance beyond its natural reality; the State protects marriage because it is essential to family and to the common good of society.

But neither Church nor State invented marriage, and neither can change its nature.

Nature and Nature's God, to use the expression in the Declaration of Independence of our country, give the human species two mutually complementary sexes, able to transmit life through what the law has hitherto recognized as a marital union. Consummated sexual relations between a man and a woman are ideally based on mutual love and must always be based on mutual consent, if they are genuinely human actions.

But no matter how strong a friendship or deep a love between persons of the same sex might be, it is physically impossible for two men, or two women, to consummate a marital union. Even in civil law, non-consummation of a marriage is reason for annulment.

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