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Eugene Delgaudio: Self Mutilation Encouraged By Liberals Universally But Liberals Will Not Allow Methods To Prevent Abuse on Self Or Others

Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio agrees with Worldnet Daily's founder Joseph Farah who points out the double standard many hold for people who provide counseling or therapy at the request of others.

Farah asks is it "Illegal to help change sexual orientation?" and he targets homosexualists trying to ban just 1 type of therapy"In America today, while observing it is perfectly legal to change one's sexual plumbing in a bizarre and twisted medical mutilation to achieve "transgenderism."

Farah: "In fact, in some states and municipalities, taxpayers are forced to pick up the tab."

It is also perfectly legal for men to commit sodomy and for women to have sexual relations with each other.

In fact, in some states and municipalities, it is illegal for a landlord with a moral objection to that kind of behavior to turn down practitioners of this kind of sexual behavior from renting their apartments.

Public schools in more and more states and locales are encouraging homosexuality, tranvestism, lesbianism - even to the point of allowing children to define their own "gender identification" by using the locker rooms and restrooms of their choice.

It's perfectly legal for counselors to encourage lesbianism, homosexuality, transvestism and the aforementioned medical mutilations known as sex-change operations. It is even perfectly legal for counselors and therapists to offer assistance in changing the sexual orientation of adults and children from heterosexual to homosexual.

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