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Eugene Delgaudio: Congress Must Defund US Solicitor General or Remove Him From Office Immediately

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, in a statement sent today to thousands of fellow Americans in every state said the following:

"This is an outrage.

Obama's Solicitor General Donald Verrilli is actually representing the Homosexual Lobby before the Supreme Court -- against marriage!

As solicitor general, his one job is to enforce the federal laws already on the books.

But now he is working to get the Supreme Court to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)-- a law he is supposed to be defending.

Mr. Verrilli argued before the Court on Tuesday against California's Proposition 8 (which is protected under DOMA)...

...and then he did it again on Wednesday when he attacked the entire Defense of Marriage Act.

Even the Supreme Court Justices expressed dismay over the solicitor general's behavior.

Chief Justice Roberts exclaimed that the Obama Administration's role in this case was "totally unprecedented."

And Justice Kennedy told the Deputy Solicitor that the Administration's treatment of DOMA was "very troubling."

..... Obama's Justice Department is out of control, and it's time pro-Family Americans called them out on it.

That's why Public Advocate has prepared a petition asking Speaker Boehner to Defund the Office of the Solicitor General until he agrees to do his job. And we will mail it, text it, email it, advertize it and get signatures door to door on it."