Defending the family

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Eugene Delgaudio: "The Ultimate aim of the Gay "marriage" plot: Destroy the Catholic Church and All Churches"

Kevin Collins says:

"The Gay marriage plot is not hard to see. It goes as follows: First: legalize Gay "marriage" next: use tax law to force churches to commit Gay "marriages" with an either or choice: finally: close those that refuse to commit Gay "marriages." "

The forced choice will be Gay "marriage" or lose tax exempt status.

The real target of all of this is the Catholic Church. For all of her faults the Catholic Church has steadfastly refused to change her position against same gender marriage. The elevation of Pope Francis has done nothing to make anyone think this position will be changed.

The Left knows that a Supreme Court victory will never give Gays what they really want which is a totally unfettered lifestyle and "freedom" to live not only as they wish, but to be accepted as equals in everyday life. With the Catholic Church standing in the way that is a door Gays will never be able to open.

Defeating a Church as strongly opposed to Gay "marriage" as the Catholic Church is her Gay enemy's goal. (Public Advocate note: and all churches that promote traditional marriage).

Nevertheless, those who believe the approximately 28 million Catholics - actual Catholics who actually attend Mass each week - will roll over and accept Gay "marriage" in their churches are terribly wrong.

The media can poll people who once walked past St. Patrick's Cathedral and count them as Catholics to show "Catholics" voted for Barack Obama and love Gay "marriage" but real Catholics know the truth.

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