Defending the family

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Eugene Delgaudio "Propagandists Perform New Dance Called "The Homosexual Hustle" on Same-Sex Marriage"

Some excerpts from a piece discussing the great hustle that is the push for Homosexual Marriage, The piece is written as "A Response to the American Association of Pediatrics' Role in Getting Americans to Impulse-Purchase Same-Sex Marriage" by Jeff Myers, Ph.D. in the american clarion.

The article goes on at length, discussing the logic presented, and many of the problems inherent in such wrongheaded goals.

Anatomy of a Hustle

Meredith Wilson's The Music Man tells the story of the classic American hustle: "Professor" Harold Hill pulls one over on the citizens of RiverCity using a tried and true method employed by sham salesmen, sham evangelists, and sham politicians alike:

Play on people's guilt feelings.
Publicly win the heart of the most credible but resistant person.
Play the victim so people will feel protective and make your case for you.
Launch the whole campaign on a national holiday, when everyone is in the mood.

If you were going to hustle an entire nation into supporting something that would utterly undo the definition of marriage as we know it, The Music Man is a perfect playbook:

Play on people's guilt feelings: how can you justify withholding marriage from people who want it and will, in fact, make it better? How can you do this to the children?
Spotlight advocates like Rob Portman-the quiet, harmless Republican who was too bland to be invited to do media interviews in the past. Follow this by getting the devil himself-Dick Cheney-to come out in your favor. Nobody wants to be a bigger jerk than Cheney; people will convert en masse out of sheer shame.

Appeal to pity: avoid reasoned debate and discussion and instead put forward likeable advocates of your policy, measure the public's response, and use the poll results as proof that you're right.

Be sure the whole thing plays during Spring Break and preferably just before Easter weekend so you can attach your cause to people's desire to be cleansed of their sins.

Pro-same-sex-marriage forces believe Americans' one remaining hesitation about same-sex marriage is its effect on children. There is no ignoring the fact that social experimentation always ends up hurting the most vulnerable, and a raft of research demonstrates that sexual experimentation on the part of parents is strongly correlated to negative outcomes such as crime and substance abuse, whereas the children most likely to succeed as adults are those who grow up with a mother and father.

As a friend of mine points out, every worldview is willing to sacrifice something on the altar of its convictions. If we are primarily animals then the sexual impulse is the strongest impulse we have.

Therefore, we should be willing to sacrifice everything on the altar of sexual freedom including innocence, the safety of children, protection of the unborn human, thousands of years of accumulated wisdom, indeed, what it means to be human altogether.

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