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Eugene Delgaudio Hails Defense Of Children By VA AG Cuccinelli, Assails Gay Lobby Push To Promote the Rape of America's Children

Americans and Public Advocate ask is there someone who will come foreward and protect the children against the wholesale rape by homosexual lobby advocates who seek to expose them by passing laws that decriminalize pedophilia.

"California and its federal legislators are pushing laws that decriminalize sexual assault on children and legalize the wholesale destruction of every law in every state protecting children against violent sexual abuse without a care -- all in the name of granting adult homosexuals new federal powers to attack morals, traditional families and most churches, " says Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate.

"One elected official who is defending the children of America is Ken Cuccinelli the Attorney General of Virginia with his logical and simple observations filed in the appeals court of Virginia that a federal court ruling a Texas case that says adult homosexuals who are entitled to privacy does not mean young girls (or children) can be legally assaulted by adults, so where are the rest of the elected leadership in America? asks Delgaudio.

Buzzfeed reports:

AG Ken Cuccinelli supports upholding the conviction of a criminal where the facts were patently different than the facts in Lawrence v. Texas and he is using the Virginia law to prosecute a 47 year old man who had assaulted forcebly a 17 year old girl against her will.

Cuccinelli argues this assault on a child isn't about two consenting adults who did it in the privacy of their home.

Further, Buzzfeed quotes Cuccinelli "Although the U.S. Supreme Court is generally viewed as having struck down sodomy laws in the 2003 case of Lawrence v. Texas, the court's action in the case does not actually take the laws off the books, but rather renders them unconstitutional to be enforced. Few states have, in fact, repealed the laws since then.

Cuccinelli's office argues further that the Lawrence decision doesn't render sodomy laws unconstitutional in all situations and that it is constitutional to apply the law in this situation because it involves a minor."

Source for Cuccinelli statements

Source for California Congressperson promoting laws to decriminalize pedohilia