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Eugene Delgaudio Hails "7 Most Hilariously Bad Arguments for Gay Marriage"

Matthew Archbold of the NC Register writes:

For years we were told that marriage was a dying institution but suddenly it's all the rage and everyone wants in.

And now, there is a great national debate on gay marriage. Well, kind of. It's more like traditional marriage people asking questions and either being ignored or told to shut up in the name of tolerance by pro-same sex marriage advocates.

But we've seen a number of arguments arise in favor of gay marriage that don't really hold together all that well. Here's the seven most hilariously bad arguments in favor of gay marriage:

7) My son is gay!

This argument has been used most famously by Senator Rob Portman but many others have used it as well in order to "evolve" on this issue. This argument for gay marriage makes me wonder if they didn't realize the existence of actual gay people until their own son just couldn't quit the Glee Marathon.

Now, this may come as a shock to some parents but it's possible that a child can make choices that the rest of Western civilization doesn't have to bend its collective knee to.

Imagine this same argument by the parents of Lindsey Lohan because we'd all have to be for the legalization of drugs, okaying kleptomania, and approving of driving over photographers.

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