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Howard Phillips Dies....Never Surrendered or Compromised In the Battle To Preserve Liberty and Godly Values

Howard Phillips passed away this Saturday, April 20. He suffered a terrible illness and his family suffered with him.

Our prayers go to the family, his wife and children and all who valued and held dear the principles that Howard Phillips devoted his life to.

Until only recent times though and until his illness Mr. Phillips was active on a broad range of political fronts always honestly opposed in every political fashion to Establishment liberals in both major American parties.

"Howard Phillips was most strident in his condemnation of liberals who pretended to be conservatives and who especially worked to deceive and defraud the grass roots conservatives of America who were routinely betrayed," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

During his years as leader of a third party, The Constitution Party, he ran for President three times and traveled the country as a candidate receiving hundreds of thousands of votes.

It was not election victory as much as keeping the faith and providing a role model for others to follow in their dedication and devotion to moral, economic and foreign policy principles that Howard Phillips will be remembered for.

This devotion lasted his entire life and at age 72 he was active in national politics from a young age.

Farewell Mr. Phillips. We here at Public Advocate have lost a wonderful leader who on more than one occassion was the only person in America casting doubts on liberal claims-- and one time with the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court he stood with Public Advocate, rightfully and correctly condemning Robert's betrayals.


Washington Times Reports at this link. Howard Phillips was devoted to his family and was a tremendous and kindly influence on his equally enthusiastic and loving children.

RIP Howard Phillips, Constitution Party Founder

The American Conservative reports: (Howard Phillips) wrote, "If conservatives don't vote for what they believe, they will never get what they want. Losing as slowly as possible means we still lose. Going over the cliff at a supposedly slower speed still means we are going to crash."

Religious Dispatches reports: "As the story goes Phillips, Paul Weyrich, and Richard Viguerie got together in the late 1970s using Viguerie's groundbreaking direct mail company to help Jerry Falwell build the Moral Majority and Paul and Judy Brown build the American Life League. While Weyrich, Vigerie and the Browns were Catholic, Falwell was a Baptist and Phillips was an evangelical convert from Judaism with great affection for RJ Rushdoony and Christian Reconstructionist leanings."

It's hard to overstate Phillips' influence in the transformation of the more secular mid-century conservatism of Barry Goldwater and William F. Buckley into today's religiously inflected conservatism. In the 1980s Phillips played an important role in the Reagan Revolution as President of the Conservative Caucus, founding member of the Council on National Policy (CNP) and a as a Senior Editor at the Conservative Digest.

Howard Phillips 2007 Interview Of "Long Time Friend" Eugene Delgaudio

Howard Phillips Interviewed Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio and discussed some the Public Advocate demonstrations against Ted Kennedy (The Ted Kennedy Swim Team) and Barney Frank ( the Barney Frank House Sitting Squad) among other issues.