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Eugene Delgaudio: Gay Marriage Destroys The Constitution and the First Amendment.

Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate says "The First Amendment is abolished with the acceptance of gay marriage according to a member of the Armed Forces and I agree."

In a posted article at the American Thinker this annonymous Sergeant goes on to point out that the protections enumerated in the First Amendment are already being threatened by adopting Homosexual Marriage. People across the United States are under fire for declining to do business, or offer services, or share a home, with homosexual individuals. What will happen if Homosexual Marriage is accepted into Federal law, as well?

The American Thinker article signed by "Sergeant Thomas O'Neal" says "As a Soldier and someone who will soon be applying to become Chaplain, I am forced to write this article under a pseudonym. It isn't because I am afraid that my beliefs or convictions are wrong but it is entirely possible that this could be used by some to keep me out of the Chaplains Corps where I think I can do such good for the Soldiers of the United States."

"I not writing my personal beliefs about homosexuality or gay marriage. Instead I would like to focus on a constitutional issue: how would legalizing homosexual marriage affect the First Amendment? I have seen and heard many arguments about the effects that gay marriage would have (or not have) on society and why it is such a Neanderthal viewpoint to be against gay marriage. My concern is if gay marriage is legalized, how will that affect the constitutionally protected idea of freedom of religion?"

I find it strange that the biggest story of the day on April 29, 2013 was an NBA player coming out of the closet. He was immediately hailed as brave, admirable, a courageous individual, etc. Personally, I think it is a bit silly that this is a story, for two reasons: first, does anyone really care, or are they personally affected by what happens in the bedroom of Jason Collins? And secondly, if Mr. Collins was coming out so that young adults had a role model to look up to, what about Baylor basketball player Brittney Griner who is going to the WNBA and came out last week? Do lesbians not count as role models in sports?

Clearly, the implication of a male pro athlete coming out is part of the shift that has been seen in the debate about homosexuals and how they are viewed and treated by the general population. A Gallup poll of 121,000 conducted in 2012 put the percentage of self-identified homosexuals at 3.4% But listening to the national debate one would assume the numbers are closer to the numbers of blacks or Latinos, which number around 12% and 16% respectively, because of the "oppression" and lack of "civil rights" (read: marriage) that are not being extended to homosexuals.

Being in the military, I am very fond of looking at "second and third order effects." It is fairly easy to put out an order and say it needs to be done. However, if the individual giving the order doesn't consider the other steps that are needed, or how those orders are going to impact other missions or soldiers, then the second and third order effects can be devastating. In the case of gay marriage, I have not read many articles or heard much discussion of the effects that will come down the line if gay marriage is legalized nationally. Most arguments are on moral or biblical grounds while ignoring the Constitutional argument.

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