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Eugene Delgaudio: "Response to Gay Mania -Normal People Tell Everyone They Are Normal"

There is a fixation among the homosexual lobby to tell every single passerby about the most intimate things. What would it look like from a different group of people? Answer: very strange.

Arthur Louis Reveals "Hey, World, I'm Straight"

Arthur Louis writes "I went out on the street this morning, and to the first stranger I met I said, "I'm straight." "

"He looked me up and down, evidently taking note of my slouching posture, and said: "You don't look straight to me. Try lifting your chin, pulling in your stomach and thrusting your pelvis forward."

"No," I said, "I mean that I am straight sexually. I am a heterosexual."

"Why do you think I care?" the man said, and hurried on.

Having learned a lesson from this first encounter, I changed my line when I approached the next stranger, a woman this time. "I am a heterosexual," I said.

"I'm not that good with big words," she replied. "Does that mean you go to bed with little boys? You should be ashamed of yourself."

"No, no," I replied, a bit nervously, for I noticed a police officer standing a few yards away. "It means that I go to bed with women, on those rare occasions when I can find one who is willing."

"Well, that's vaguely interesting," she said.

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