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Eugene Delgaudio: "IRS Audits For Many, Ochestrated Attacks Against Public Advocate" Public Advocate high up on Obama Enemies List


The Internal Revenue Service stands accused of Trying to close tea party groups down through audits on tea party groups, jewish groups and business CEOs who are critical of Obama.


Only 10 Million Listeners Know this.

It is being revealed as a result of Mark Levine, Landmark Legal Foundation president who revealed last week that he filed a complaint with the Inspector General's office in the Treasury Department and detailed a lengthy account of his complaint from over a year ago to his national audience.

THANK YOU MARK LEVIN. We would not have known any of this without your brave complaint a year ago and the subsequent investigation by dedicated federal officers of the Inspector General's office-- which is only known to your ten million listeners.

Public Advocate is not getting an audit.

Public Advocate seems to be much higher on the President's and his Adminstration hit list or enemy's list and this fits the Chicago Way or pattern of reckless actions documented on this website and elsewhere.

It was Public Advocate that made the first move against the President politically at his own inauguration and was on the map with posted video's and widely reported news conferences promoting traditional marriage for his first day and first year in office.

President Obama had to put off his "transition" and betrayal for YEARS before he finally unleashed his betrayal of traditional marriage in his 2012 re-election campaign.

The President and his Justice Department seems to have designated their own "field audit" of Public Advocate and other groups with their quote "field operatives" or proxies (unquote) at the Southern Poverty Law Center attacking Public Advocate and listing our office address to try to get reckless action by targeting Public Advocate and others as hate groups.

These reckless actions have been taken against me, my family, my staff and all of Public Advocate and others-- to stop us.


Now copy cats have come forward to list our office address again in recent days and we have to devote some staff time to getting the multiple listings of our address taken down.

In spite of this, we march forward and deliver 1 million petitions and deliver them to Congress.

And we demand Congress hold immediate hearings on the IRS audits of conservative groups and we demand that they also add the Southern Poverty Law center and the Justice Department to the list of witnesses to be questioned. Now.

See link of video here

Hon. Eugene Delgaudio
Public Advocate