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Conservative Street Theatre Mocks Gore

Daniel Walsh
The Express Times

Bethlehem - A conservative lobbying group gathered outside City Hall on Tuesday to stage a political street theatre program satirizing Vice President Al Gore.

The small group of protesters from Public Advocate of the U.S., a northern Virginia organization, donned costumes to dress as "Buddhist nuns" and the vice president himself while they sang protest songs mocking Gore's record.

They specifically sought to target the Democratic presidential candidate's connection to a fundraising incident at a Buddhist temple.

Mary Machado, a lobbyist for the group, described Public Advocate as a nonpartisan conservative organization.

They sang songs with lyrics like, "Oh when the cash came flowing in, I didn't know it came from Buddha..."

"They say they're demonstrating about corruption," Officer Jeff Rogers said good-naturedly. "I said, 'Yeah, but who doesn't know?"