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Eugene Delgaudio Blasts Ralph Reed With Both Barrels Over Betrayal Of Boy Scouts of America

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate wrote several thousand key Christian conservatives last week:

Fellow Conservative:

1,400 delegates who represent the Boy Scouts are expected to vote ....... on the proposal to allow homosexuals amongst their ranks.

And Ralph Reed, founder of the Christian Coalition and political marketer, is in the middle of it.

Reed has been serving as the middleman to bring together in what appears to be a hope for "compromise" between Christian conservatives and "leaders" of the Boy Scouts who support the pro-homosexual resolution.

You and I both know what the outcome of this so-called "compromise" will be: a surrender by the Boy Scouts in the battle for the long-honored traditions and values of pro-Family Americans.

..........Any notion of "compromising" our traditional values is unacceptable.

But these so-called "leaders" of the Boy Scouts do not have our resolve.

To them, "compromising" on this policy would be a good thing.

That's where Ralph Reed comes in.

You see, Ralph Reed is a well-known "conservative" political strategist.

He has worked on multiple campaigns and is known to be a very high-priced communications consultant.

When a divisive issue like this proposed policy comes up, an organization like the Boy Scouts will pay Reed to ensure a smooth transition while remaining in good standing with their members......

Because of Ralph Reed's conservative-for-hire scheme, pro-homosexual Boy Scout "leaders" feel as if they can come to a "compromise" without any repercussions from their members.

Tell the Boy Scout "leadership" and Ralph Reed "NO" on compromising the legacy and tradition of the Boy Scouts, said Delgaudio to thousands of fellow Conservatives.

Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio observes:

"The effort to stop the Boy Scouts' executives from betraying America's youth failed but it was not for lack of trying and the highly paid executives were assisted by other betrayers including Ralph Reed. Look for a duplication of this betrayal in other battles. But we are ready to expose it."