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Eugene Delgaudio Condemns Young Homosexual Pedophiles' Assault of Younger Victims....... "(Homosexual) Terror House"

"Public Advocate has warned of the homosexual assault on young men by adult homosexual pedophiles and now as a result of the constant promotion of homosexual propaganda in the public schools, news media and Hollywood culture, we have a horrible incident reported to millions just today.

"Most media in the United States ignore this incident aired on one major news channel in a major city, as "isolated", but this alledged crime should be publicized as an alarm that more more innocent children are at risk and programs that promote homosexual propaganda should be condemned by the world," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

A homosexual assault mob, comprised of Fifth graders, has alledgely assaulted even younger children, in New York City.

Major media, newspapers, newsites and ignore this and other underreported crimes against children by adult homosexual predators.

More Americans would oppose the homosexual propaganda in the schools and work to restore rights to Christians in America and work to cease the war against moral traditional values if they knew that it would lead to preventing future crime against one innocent child and then there will be a reversal of future horrible crimes, and that is why the world's news media ignore this and other incidents or falsely report them as "sex" crimes as if promoting homosexual acts and bizarre sexual practices to young people have no connection" says Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate.

Delgaudio says "It is the homosexual lobby with their allies in the media that promote homosexual indoctrination in the school system and in 24 hours saturation mass media culture and push homosexual propaganda in the elementary, middle and high schools of our nation. It is Public Advocate's position that promoting homosexual acts to children will result in increased homosexual pedophilia-- including younger predators and victims. Like attacks by adult homosexual predators these crimes will be underreportred if they are reported at all."

NBC News says "A School official said they take seriously allegations of misconduct and are investigating this but can not comment due to litigation.

Public School 194 in Harlem is the site of complaints that a 3rd grade boy has been assaulted by three fifth grade boys forcing oral sex on the 3rd grade boy. Allegations of creating a "terror house" have been made by the family's lawyer. "

Other parents says "its always been like this in this area, in this school.".

NBC TV (channel 4 New York) news is reporting "a family attorney says the school should have alerted parents that one student has been accused of sexual attacks in the past."

From YouTube:

From the NBC TV news site:!/on-air/as-seen-on/-Lawsuit--Alleges-Forced-Oral-Sex-in-Harlem-Elementary-School-/209735911