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Eugene Delgaudio: Anti-God President Signs Religious Extermination Executive Order-- Directs CEOs To Kiss Ring of Agnostics

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate of the U.S. says "Most Americans get along with vegetarians, animal rights activists, and any number of other types and groups of people. In spite of that normal daily routine, President Barrack Obama has ordered that no one is allowed to tolerate the company of Christians who hold to their own values, and present no harm or danger to others.

In spite of public statements to the contrary, it is Public Advocate's position that instructions have been clearly given to Justice Department lawyers just as with traditional marriage and health care mandates, that the President Instructions take precedence over any public statements.


"President Obama instructs his staff to carry out the opposite of what he states which is a classic disinformation method of leftists who desire to keep their policy motives and goals confidential until they are full implemented," says Eugene Delgaudio.

The Obama Admininstration has so ordered from on high " Religious Businesses Should Check Their Religion at the Door"

Mark Rienzi of life news reports:

A surprising and public rift opened up last week between President Obama and his lawyers over whether profit-making businesses can pursue goals other than making money, including adhering to religious requirements.

In courtrooms across the country-including one last week in Philadelphia-Department of Justice lawyers told judges that profit-making businesses with religious objections to the HHS contraceptive mandate cannot exercise religion. Profit-making business apparently can pursue just one goal: making money. Business owners must check their religious values at the door.

Elsewhere in the country, however, President Obama offered the opposite message to a group of men graduating from Morehouse College. He urged them to forge careers in business, but to avoid focusing solely on profits. Instead, they should consider "what broader purpose your business might serve" by pursuing values other than profits, like "transforming a neighborhood." The President's comments echoed his remarks last year at the National Prayer Breakfast, where he proclaimed that leaving our "values at the door" would "abandon much of the moral glue that has held our nation together for centuries."

The President is right and his lawyers are wrong.

Businesses act on principles beyond the pursuit of profit every day. Vegan markets refuse to sell animal products because they are ethically opposed to hurting animals. Some employers have long provided benefits to same-sex partners based on the moral view that doing so is right and just. Some investment funds refuse to invest in fossil-fuel companies because they view them as destructive. Businesses following moral, ethical, philosophical, and environmental principles are all around us.

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