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Eugene Delgaudio: In spite of Obama Lawlessness Former Mayor Marion Barry Still Finds Serious Felonies To Allegedly Commit

For those who are getting tired of National corruption scandals, but don't want to look away from Washington, D.C., look no farther! Marion Barry, as always, provides.

This is just for a change of pace for all of our readers here at Public Advocate of the United States. It is also a reminder that the Internal Revenue Service is not the only group in the USA which is known for corruption and scandals.

The Judicial Watch Blog reports:

Marion Barry, best known as the mayor who starred in an FBI surveillance video smoking crack, recently updated his extensive criminal resume by accepting a gift from a "prohibited source" that does significant business with the District of Columbia's government.

Barry has for years been a fixture on the D.C. Council and currently represents Ward 8, a predominantly black and notoriously crime-infested area. He served four terms as mayor before getting convicted on drug charges and serving jail time. He's also pleaded guilty in federal court for failing to pay city and federal taxes and got in trouble for stalking an ex-girlfriend nearly half his age.

The veteran D.C. politician has also been busted for illegally steering a bogus $15,000 city contract to a girlfriend and taking a cut for himself. One year Barry directed about $8.5 million in District funds to dozens of his favorite groups, including at least six "nonprofits" founded by him. To qualify for the money, the organizations had to be legally registered nonprofit groups and some of the incorporation papers were actually forged, according to a D.C. City Council investigation.

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