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Eugene Delgaudio Condemns Veteran Broadcaster Stuart Hall for 14 Attacks on Girls As Young As 9-- 30 years of Assaults

The Guardian reports: "Nazir Afzal, chief prosecutor for north-west England, said Hall was an opportunistic predator who had attacked his victims across three decades."

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, said "The New York Times executives and other BBC executives were asked by a member of English Parliment months ago to comment on attacks by the late Jimmy Saville and now need to continue foreward after the guilty plea and condemn them.

The New York Times and the BBC network can explain how these horrific crimes by their top BBC public spokesman can be prevented in the future and what new policies will be put in place.

"American news media should consider reporting and condemn this 30 years of serial assaults by a fellow broadcaster now," said Delgaudio, "or face the prospects of being accused of covering up for one of their own."



The Guardian reports "The prosecutor told the court: "The publicity surrounding his arrest led to other complainants having the courage to come forward to disclose what had occurred to them and also in support for those who had already come forward and reported allegations. The motives expressed by these complainants was to demonstrate that the allegations that had been made were neither isolated nor unfounded." "

In May the BBC announced that an investigation into Hall's activities would be separate from an existing inquiry into abuse by the late presenter Jimmy Savile. But the findings of the Hall investigation will feed into the wider inquiry.

The Telegraph reports:

Veteran BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall has admitted indecently assaulting 13 girls, the youngest aged nine between 1967 and 1986.

Hall, 83, entered the guilty pleas last month at Preston Crown Court but they can only be revealed today after reporting restrictions were lifted.