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Eugene Delgaudio: Crazy Brits Order Mass Firings Of "Anti-Gay" Employees Of Private Firms!

"The British government is planning mass economic suicide based on a politically correct model that forces mind control on normal people, " says Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate

David Cameron's government has admitted under scrutiny from the House of Lords that they want to give commercial employers to be able to sack staff who refuse to participate in same-sex marriage. The Coalition for Marriage reports:

'Up until now, officials in the equalities office have been telling Government ministers that the Bill won't harm the liberty of people who disagree with it. But after pressure in the House of Lords, Government ministers have admitted they want commercial companies to be able to sack staff who refuse to be involved with same-sex marriages.

The Government thinks commercial chauffeurs who object to a same-sex marriage should be dismissed. By the same logic, florists, photographers and cake makers would also be in the firing line. We want a reasonable accommodation for such workers, a bit of flexibility which takes account of people's sincere beliefs. But so far the Government has stubbornly refused

(original post 6-21-13 on Public Advocate)