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Group Sends Bush a Shoe to Protest Meeting with Radical HRC

Falls Church, VA -- To show the outrage of pro-family citizens across America, Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate of the United States, mailed President Bush a shoe today hoping that he will use it to give "RNC Chairman Marc Racicot a stern kick in the pants" after his recent meeting with and show of support for the so-called "Human Rights Campaign," one of the leading front groups for the radical homosexual lobby.

During the meeting, Chairman Racicot showed his willingness to sell out the pro-family members of his own party by pledging his support to the group's radical agenda, by using many of their politically correct buzzwords.

"Pro-family Americans know what Racicot's words mean. It's Washington code for giving self-proclaimed radical homosexuals special political rights, guaranteed jobs, and buckets of federal tax dollars," stated Delgaudio as he mailed the shoe. "Just as the newly freed Iraqis used shoes to show disgust for their former tormentor, so should President Bush use this shoe to show his outrage at the Chairman's actions. This would be a great opportunity for the President to show his support for the American family by giving Racicot 'the boot!'"

Racicot's actions are particularly disturbing as they come at after Senate Judiciary Chairman Orin Hatch's recent comments that he is committed to seeing Ted Kennedy's radical Thought Control Bill passed this year. This bill is a huge danger to American families as it seeks to punish people for their thoughts instead of their actions and would also lighten the consequences for violent offenders by placing them in the federal system.

Public Advocate is a non-profit organization that has been fighting for family rights for over a quarter of a century. The group is based out of northern Virginia.