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Eugene Delgaudio: Oklahoma Awards Six Year Old Child To Convicted Child Molester

The news headline reads "Convicted sex offender gets sole custody of 6-year-old daughter"

Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate says "The Californication of America continues. Unbelieveable rights are aforded convicted child molesters due to the the homosexual, transexual and assorted pedophile protections passed and enforced in California. Here we have a convicted child molester awarded a six year old child by a Judge. This is happening throughout America due in part to the Supreme Court ruling and the inaction of Congress to respond."

Oklahoma KFOR news channel 4 reports "In California, just six years ago, Nicholas Elizondo was convicted for raping his then six-year-old daughter. He took a deal and served six years in jail. During that time his ex-wife, Lisa Knight, has been raising their daughter Sarah in Norman."

After six years of little contact with Sarah, he started fighting for sole custody. Yesterday, he won.

Little Sarah's family is shocked by the Oklahoma County judge's decision.

"Then he comes out with this solemn face and 'Oh this is a really hard one for me'," said Sarah's cousin, Jodi Coomer. "And I`m thinking hard?"

They thought it was a no-brainer. Both Sarah's mother and cousin think there is more to Judge Howard Haralson's decision than what was presented in the courtroom.

"His attorney was in the chambers with the judge while he was deliberating his decision," said Coomer. "There was laughter coming from the room. We waited for what seemed like hours but it was just minutes."

She thinks the judge questioned her parenting when she couldn't name all of Sarah's doctors off of the top of her head. Born with a cleft lip and palette, Sarah has lots of specialists.

"There is no threat to her whatsoever here. Nothing`s happened to her. She`s made all of her appointments," said Coomer. "Because mom can`t remember the doctor`s names then she`s a bad mom? I don`t think so."

Now Sarah has to leave for California tonight to live with a father her family says she only knows as someone who brings gifts and leaves.

"I don`t understand how a sex offender can just walk in the courtroom and just take her after I've had her for six years," said Sarah's mother Lisa Knight.

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