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Homosexual Leaders Scream And Shout: It's not rape if it's a lesbian

Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate told over one million internet contacts on
twitter, facebook, google banner ads, assorted social media sites, and subscribers the


"The rules don't apply to homosexuals.

Or at least that is what the Homosexual Lobby would like us all to believe.

You see, just days ago, the sickening story surfaced of an 18 year old lesbian who engaged in sexual conduct with a 14 year old girl.

To everyone else, this is a clear cut case of statutory rape.

An adult took advantage of a young child.

When the child's parents found out, they reported the crime to the authorities.

For this behavior, Kaitlyn Hunt has been charged with lewd and lascivious battery on a child 12-16 years of age.

But the Homosexual Lobby can't stand it.

They don't believe that sexual conduct laws should apply to homosexual behavior.

A petition on has been launched demanding Florida's state attorney overturn these charges.

The reason why? Because the child "consented" to the act.

A 14 year old girl consented and that makes it okay?!

Had this been an 18 year old man with a young girl, no one would bat an eye at the criminal charges.

But the accused is a homosexual -- and they think that entitles her to special rights under the law.

The fact is, the Homosexual Lobby only believes in one code of morality:

Whatever advances homosexuality in America is good, and anything or anyone who opposes it is bad.

This story underlines the truth of our fight.

There is no "middle ground."

There is no compromise.

Either our families, our schools, our children, and our laws are guided by traditional values and marriages, or by the radical Homosexual Agenda.........

The case of Kaitlyn Hunt just highlights how brazen the Homosexual Lobby has become.

Right now, they are bombarding the office of Florida's state attorney Bruce Colton with demands that the case against Kaitlyn Hunt be dropped on the grounds of specialized homosexual rights.

And it is up to you to counteract the pressure they are bringing to bear.

Please contact the office of Bruce Colton, State Attorney, and let him know you support his right to protect our children.