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Eugene Delgaudio: Public Advocate is launching a nation-wide multi media blitz

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio announced today:

Public Advocate is launching a nation-wide multi media blitz to alert Americans to the betrayal facing us in the U.S. Senate right now.

The so-called Employment Non-Discrimination Act, better known as the Gay Bill of Special Rights, was voted out of a Senate Committee for the first time ever.

It passed with 100% Democrat support, but what was more shocking were the three Republicans who voted for this anti-family and anti-business bill.

The Gay Bill of Special Rights will create additional regulations for all businesses, forcing them to give preference to openly declared homosexual applicants.

Public Advocate is right now gathering signed petitions from supporters in every state of the Union with email blasts, direct mail, targeted robo telephone calls and internet banner advertisements

Special pressure is being brought to bear on Senators Hatch, Kirk, and Murkowski for their anti-conservative votes in a Senate Committee recently, in their respective states.

Using low tech methods and high tech methods, Public Advocate will reach the targeted Senators in Illinois, Utah and Alaska through the general population audiences of radio, Newspapers, news sites, phone lines, and other public methods.

One low tech method costs two dollars and reaches 5,000 people per hour with the words "Fire U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch For Anti-family vote". It is a small sign on a busy highway.

A news site advertisement for a local newspaper or popular radio station may garner as many as 1,000 favorable impressions in an hour.

As a result of these different, sometimes redundant efforts, pro-Family constituents in these states are now placing a flood of phone calls directly to the senators' offices, calling for a change of support.

Public Advocate has pledged to collect more than 1 million petitions against S. 815, the Gay Bill of Special Rights and is presenting some of them in private and public ceremonies before and during the August recess to coordinate with home state phone calls and visits, forums and town hall meetings held by Senators.

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