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Eugene Delgaudio: Homosexual Lobby Agrees That ENDA Would Increase Lawsuits

Quote from The Advocate, a pro-gay rights publication:

"What Republican Sen. John Boozman of Arkansas recently told The Huffington Postexemplifies a big concern of theirs about ENDA's impact on businesses. "There is so much burden," he said, "it opens them up to lawsuits."

In an oft-repeated talking point against ENDA (made even by Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio who supports marriage equality), some Republicans warn it will lead to lawsuits. My reaction is always, um, yes, it will."

The Advocate goes on to predict only a "slight" uptick or increase in lawsuits no more than proportionally similar to other minorities.

"The "small number" of other federal state and local lawsuits regarding this type of litigation would only be considered "small" if your plans were to destroy the world economy," says Eugene Delgaudio

president of Public Advocate, "but the "small number" is actually gigantic for its precedent and cost in real money in the many billions for entire industries and would bankrupt the American economy."