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UPDATE: Penn. State Attorney refuses to fend off lawsuit against traditional marriage; Condemned By State Counsel

There are new developments in the fight for real marriage in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane is refusing to defend her state's pro-marriage law.

As attorney general, it is her expressed responsibility to defend all the laws on the state's books, and this refusal is downright criminal.

She told the Washington Post that her decision was entirely motivated by her personal feelings of support for the Homosexual Agenda.

Pennsylvania's General Counsel James Schultz publicly condemned Kane's decision as "contrary to her constitutional duty" and expressed his surprise that she would ignore the lawful will of the General Assembly "merely because of her personal beliefs."

Her actions are inspiring lawlessness elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

A county clerk in Montgomery County has announced he will issue a marriage license to any homosexual pair that walks into his office, despite the current law defining marriage as one man and one woman.

Undoubtedly, Kane will refuse to prosecute this attorney for his egregious violation of the law.

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