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Eugene Delgaudio: Pennsylvania Residents Are Asked To Call PA AG to Protest Lawlessness

In a message to thousands of Pennsylvania residents sent today July 29 2013 at approximately 11 a.m. EST, both electronically and other methods, Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate said in part:

(Quote) The state's Attorney General Kathleen Kane has announced that she will not allow her office to defend Pennsylvania's marriage law.,,,,,,

She told the Washington Post that she felt "obligated to drop the case" because she personally supports homosexual "marriage" and the Homosexual Agenda...............

Pennsylvania's General Counsel James Schultz publicly condemned Kane's decision as "contrary to her constitutional duty" and expressed his surprise that she would ignore the lawful will of the General Assembly "merely because of her personal beliefs."

Her unlawful declaration has already inspired one county clerk, (Mr. Bruce Hanes) in Montgomery County to vow that he will issue a homosexual "marriage" license to anyone who walks in his doors -- even in violation of the current statute!

Kathleen Kane is creating an atmosphere of lawlessness and anarchy in your state.

That's why I need you to take action immediately.

Please contact the Office of Attorney General Kathleen Kane and:

1) Demand that she do her job by defending Pennsylvania's lawfully enacted marriage statute; and

2) Advise her that she must prosecute any state employee who violates this marriage law (i.e. Mr. Bruce Hanes of the Montgomery County Register of Wills). Her Office number is 717-787-3391." (Unquote)