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Eugene Delgaudio: Destructive "Moderates" In the U.S. Senate In Both Parties Consider Attacks On Church Donations "Normal"

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said today "It is typical of some Republican party and Democratic party elected officials in the U.S. Senate to consider reducing the tax deduction to churches in the Internal Revenue Code as a "zero sum" game as if there is an alternative to millions of volunteers donating billions of dollars in services collectively in the US and worldwide every week for the past 100 years. One single mega church flies in or ships by boat more material aide than the U.S. Government in a fraction of the time. Hundreds of churches operate 24 hours a day with free services for the needy. There are few government welfare offices running 24 hours a day in the world."

Of course the polite thing to do is to request that Senators not reduce the tax deduction to churches, see report below:

NRB President & CEO Dr. Frank Wright this week sent letters to Senators who sit on the tax policy-writing Senate Finance Committee urging them to oppose proposals to diminish the charitable tax deduction, "a public policy that has proven its worth for nearly a century."

"Many of our members are non-profit organizations that not only powerfully illuminate public needs, but directly work to help the hungry, hurting, addicted, and vulnerable in the United States and abroad," wrote Dr. Wright. "These organizations rely on charitable giving to serve their communities effectively, and any restriction of the charitable deduction could be devastating to their efforts."
Earlier this year, the NRB Board of Directors, consisting of approximately 100 key leaders among Christian communicators, unanimously approved a Resolution stating:
Suggestions have been made by Members of Congress and by Executive Branch officials,
the charitable deduction be minimized or eliminated, and NRB believes that reducing
eliminating the charitable deduction would have a devastating effect on non-profit
organizations and would destroy some ministries and would negatively impact
the good work
of other ones that provide free services and great public benefits to their communities and to the nation;