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Mega Media Liberals are just Delgaudio Political Theater Critics On Roberts (2005)

On the anniversary of Chick Fil-A day let's post another big liberal kicking of Public Advocate politcal theater by news wonks on prime time back in 2005 in which none other than Keith Olberman and Dana Milbank bluntly dismiss Public Advocate's warning on the duplicity of Judge John Roberts.

Of course even today, long time liberal media giants still claim they have no idea that network news reported the man donkey wedding at the democratic national convention in 1996 several times a year since 1996 or, similarly, news coverage of the Ted Kennedy Swim Team in 1989 forced the late Senate Ted Kennedy to actually wear his pants during the day time on the U.S. Capitol grounds.

Olberman: "....... The activist Eugene Delgaudio, more commonly seen protesting for conservative candidates, came out to protest against Judge Roberts, accusing him of having, quote, "assisted the forces that would criminalize Christianity," and calling on the president to withdraw the nomination.

Joining me now to help sort through this one and other political stories tonight, "Washington Post" White House correspondent Dana Milbank.

OLBERMANN: Several stories to run through with you, but let's start with the one that you wrote about in the paper today, about Mr. Delgaudio, where he was arguing that other conservatives share his viewpoint, his reservations about Roberts. You quoted him as saying, "I am not alone, but I am alone today.

Typical Delgaudio Beating by "Political Theater Critics"

Of course, together with the late Howard Phillips, Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio opposed John Roberts for the Supreme Court for the many documented attempts to assist the gay lobby in reversing public referendums in the USA opposing gay rights and for other anti-conservative actions documented in long news articles in the Washington Times and, yes, the liberal Los Angeles Times.