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Eugene Delgaudio: pull predatory teachers from classrooms so that it never happens to another child

Eugene Delgaudio is asking today that legislators in New York pass legislation allowing the New York City school system to fire alleged predators still employed by the school system there.

"In light of recent political and alleged criminal events in New York City, Public Advocate in the coming days will be critical and oppose the continued stranglehold and seek to publicize the imbalance of the power of the homosexual lobby in their New York stronghold and the complete paralysis of the governement in New York and the state in protecting innocent children, said Delgaudio.

"For several weeks the mayor's race is reported in New York City about a rather abusive jerk running for mayor who sends out explicit photos to women on the internet. The media should hopefully now be reporting the necessity to remove alleged predators from attacking innocent children in the same city, and we will try to do our part even as we know it is hard for the liberals to let go of Anthony Weiner and, respectively, the pro-homosexual lobby slant they have. " says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.


The Daily news reports "The tearful family of a 10-year-old girl allegedly raped by a Bronx, N.Y., teacher called on education officials Monday to pull predatory teachers from classrooms so that it never happens to another child.

And they demanded justice for the monster who ruined the girl's life."

128 Charged With Sexual Misconduct

Only 33 Removed

A (New York ) Daily News investigation published Monday shows that education officials tried to fire 128 school employees since 2007 for sexual misconduct or inappropriate relationships with students - but only 33 were actually axed.

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Family members, including a grandmother and an aunt, pleaded with the public to do something to prevent the attacks on children in New York City by teachers.

(The Daily News reports) "The girl's aunt, Lourdes Murphy, 37, fears other kids could be in danger.

"There are a lot of sick teachers abusing children," said Murphy, who turned up for Criscuolo's appearance at a Bronx courthouse Monday along with her relatives. "[Lawmakers] have to make a change, because it will continue. This is serious."

Murphy, a lab technician, said the city needed to bounce perv educators from the classroom. She and other relatives gathered to attend a scheduled court appearance for the accused rapist. But he didn't show up for his court date."

(The Daily News says) family members of the helpless victim said he should rot for the rest of his life.

"He's a monster," said the victim's aunt, Lourdes Murphy. "He deserves to be in prison forever."

Criscuolo is due to appear back in court Oct. 11.

Teacher bail raised from $750,000 to $2 million.