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Eugene Delgaudio: Congress Asked to Protect "Ex-Gays" from attacks from Homosexuals

Members of the ex-gay community will be on Capitol Hill Wednesday to lobby their congressional representatives for recognition of former homosexuals and federal protection from discrimination.

Christopher Doyle, the president and co-founder of Voice of the Voiceless (VoV), the only anti-defamation league for former homosexuals and people who have unwanted same-sex attraction, told The Christian Post on Tuesday that the organization is demanding that every state recognize former homosexuals as a protected class.

Doyle and VoV will also hold a rally and press conference at the Supreme Court Wednesday afternoon.

"We want federal protection just as gays are given," Doyle said. "Ex-gays also need to be given protection. We're not discriminated against because we're living heterosexual lives; we're discriminated against because we're former homosexuals and we dare to have a different viewpoint, an opposing viewpoint." ........

.........Two weeks ago, Doyle announced that a planned reception that was to be held at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. had to be postponed and moved to an undisclosed location after members of the ex-gay community and the FRC received threatening phone calls and emails.

"It's really un-American as to what the LGBT anti-ex-gay activists are trying to do. They're trying to shut us out, trying to shut us down. They're trying to de-fame anyone who comes out and intimidate," Doyle said. "Right now, because of all of this homo-fascism and indoctrination in the media, ex-gays aren't given a fair shake."

"Liberal pro-homosexual rights legislators refurse to protect animals, young children and incest victims and these same liberal pro-homosexual rights legislators will not want to protect adult ex-gay (former homosexuals) either. Nice try and good luck, "says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.