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Eugene Delgaudio: Mystery Priest Appeared When Car Accident Victim Said "Can We Pray Out Loud"?

The Blaze and every news station broadcast in the continental United States is reporting:

News of a mystery priest who supposedly showed up to offer prayers for a young woman trapped inside of a vehicle on Sunday, has gone viral.

The individual, who calmed both the 19-year-old and the emergency responders who were feverishly attempting to help her, subsequently vanished. Now, witnesses are speaking out about his appearance, with one claiming he looks like deceased Hollywood actor Walter Matthau.

TheBlaze contacted numerous Catholic churches in the Center, Mo. area to learn more about the incident. One, Rev. Louis Dorn of nearby St. Joseph's Church, is as perplexed as everyone else.

Dorn said that there are three churches in the area (St. Joseph, St. Clement and St. Williams), but that none of the priests nearby match the description of the mystery man that first responders and other witnesses gave.

According to several news interviews of fire and rescue volunteers, this was a serious situation that required both a miracle and faith to save the victim who was losing vital signs until the priest showed up.

Traffic was cleared one mile in each direction for a total of two miles of empty road.

"Our tools were not working at all, the victim was losing vital signs. The victim asked for praying out loud, the priest appeared. After prayer the priest said "be calm, your tools will work now and you will be fine."

Then reinforcements arrived, new tools were deployed and fresh workers arrived and along with all the extra help the victim was saved minutes later.

When rescue workers turned around they could not find the priest.

The victim said "he was an angel or a priest acting as an angel".