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Eugene Delgaudio: Senators Being Asked To Announce Opposition To S. 815, Tenn. Senator Alexander's Silence Noted

Eugene Delgaudio issued this statement in response to Senators who have said privately they are pro-family but remain officiallly silent on publicly opposing Gay Rights legislation and actually voting "yes" on voice votes to other openly homosexual initiatives like nominations for openly homosexual activist U.S. Ambassadorships subject to "review and consent in the Senate".

In the case of Tennessee Public Advocate is contacting thousands of residents asking that they call one of their Senators who refused to speak against pro-gay rights legislation as a ranking member of a Senate committee as it was considered and voted out of committee.

Statement of Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate

"Public Advocate's position has remained clear for weeks.

Until Senator Alexander declares in a public statement clearly that he will vote against S. 815 no matter what, Public Advocate and our supporters will continue to petition him to do so.

Sen. Alexander's behavior in the HELP Committee and his public statements regarding his intentions to amend S. 815, do not reflect an attitude of opposition to this anti-family, pro-homosexual bill. Unless he makes his opposition crystal clear and ironclad, we will not stop."