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100 News Reports: Public Advocate's Mark Clayton Files Giant Law Suit Over "Illegal Abuse" in 2012 Election-- "My views are the same as President Obama in 2008 on Marriage"

Mark Clayton won the nomination for U.S. Senate in a crushing blow to liberals in America in the 2012 election for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in Tennessee.

But because of his non-liberal views and his being the vice-president of Public Advocate, national and state news media liberals howled and the Democratic Party leadership "disowned him".

Attacks on Clayton being vice-president of Public Advocate were in numerous news reports at the time as being the reason for his "disqualification". (Public Advocate is a not-for-profit non-partisan group and does not endorse or oppose candidates in elections unless it is specifically disclosed under Federal election law or other appropriate disclosure laws. PA did not have any affiliation with the Clayton for Senate campaign and made no expenditures of any kind in that race.)

Now Clayton and his legal team have filed a brief explaining how he was abused and how it can be addressed to prevent this type of abuse to others who simply win democratic elections in a free election.

From the Tennessean newspaper and other news sources:

Mark Clayton, disavowed Senate primary winner, sues Tennessee Democrats

"Mark Clayton, the out-of-nowhere candidate who won the 2012 U.S. Senate Democratic primary election and was promptly disavowed by the Tennessee Democratic Party, has sued the party and dozens of its officials a year later.

In a lawsuit filed this week, Clayton says party leaders, including then-Chairman Chip Forrester, "constructively voided his primary victory by publicly stating that they disavowed him as the nominee, that he was not really the party nominee and that he was not really a Democrat and generally treating his nomination as if it did not happen."

Knoxblogs news reports

Clayton, whose name was first on the ballot, won the seven-candidate primary by a landslide on Aug. 2, 2012. His victory stunned and embarrassed Democratic officials, who had failed to recruit a more formidable contender.

Clayton is quoted as saying:

"the views which have earned Mr. Clayton the label of being a member of a "hate group" are the same views that then candidate Barack Obama had taken in 2008, namely that the traditional view of marriage as being between only one man and one woman should remain the law of the land.

And " It is Mr. Clayton's contention that title two of the Tennessee Code does not allow the state primary board or its members or agents to effectively treat a duly elected party nominee as anything other than the party nominee. "

2012 Senate Primary Winner Sues Tenn. Democratic Party

A church youth leader who won the 2012 Democratic primary Senate election in Tennessee - only to be disavowed for allegedly being anti-gay - is fighting back.

Mark Clayton has filed a lawsuit against the Tennessee Democratic Party and its leaders for voiding his primary victory, the Tennessean newspaper reports.

The lawsuit charges the party declared he was "not really a Democrat" and generally treated his nomination "as if it did not happen,"