Defending the family

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Eugene Delgaudio: Gov. Chris Christie Swallows The Giant Gay Lobby Donut, signs pro-homosexual therapy bill

On Monday, August 19, 2013, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie betrayed his supposed conservative roots.

Governor Christie signed a ban on all therapy designed to help children struggling with homosexual issues.

This ban was modeled on the California ban passed last year.

At the heart of this ban is the imposition of government policy over what's best for children.

Doctors will not be allowed to use their own judgments about the treatment their young patients need.

Parents especially will be ignored.

No matter what they feel, the therapists will not consider their wishes or beliefs.

And of course, Christian and pro-Family therapists will be forced to close their practices or renounce their beliefs.

Public Advocate rallied New Jersey supporters to protest the governor's decision with phone calls, but Christie forged ahead regardless.

Experts believe this decision will hurt Chris Christie's chance to rally pro-Family voters for potential presidential run in 2016 being hyped by the some in the mass media and author Ann Coulter.