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"Mafia tactics" force Oregon bakery to close; $400,000 Fine Closes Oregon Bar?

World magazine and other sources report:


An Oregon bakery fighting a discrimination complaint because it wouldn't make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple closed its doors on Saturday.

In a note taped to the bakery's front door, owners Aaron and Melissa Klein wrote, "This fight is not over. We will continue to stand strong. & The LORD is good and we will continue to serve HIM with all our heart." In an interview on the Fox News Channel, Aaron Klein blamed the shutdown on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) activists who urged customers to boycott the bakery and threatened other vendors who did business with the couple.

On the Sweet Cakes by Melissa Facebook page, the couple said they would continue to operate the business out of their home. It is not immediately clear what effect that will have on the complaint pending against them.



A Portland bar owner will have to pay a $400,000 fine for kicking out a group of cross-dressers whom he says were ruining his business.

Chris Penner, the owner of the Twilight Room Annex, has to pay 11 transgender patrons the hefty sum after asking them to stop coming to his bar.

Penner said female patrons complained that the transgender men went to the restroom with the stall doors open, then left the toilet seats up when they were finished.

Penner left a voicemail asking the men, who call themselves the T-Girls, to stop coming to his bar (then called the P Club) every Friday.

Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian called their bouncing "an indignity that is severe."

"Somehow I find it hard to believe that biologically-male 'transgenders' using the women's restroom was part of Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream," (Pete) LaBarbera told LifeSiteNews.

"This case shows that the battle is not just between Christians and the Homosexual/Transgender Lobby. It's between true liberty and the 'gay-transgender' agenda," he said.

"The reality," LaBarbera said, is that legal innovations like "'LGBT rights' come at the expense of freedom."

"America becomes less and less free with each politically correct 'gay' victory," he said.

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