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Thought Control Police Take The Hill By Storm

Washington, DC -- THOUGHT CONTROL POLICE sponsored by Public Advocate are in control of key points on Capitol Hill and have announced plans to expand their control. Dirksen Senate Office entrances are covered and more Senate Office Buildings will be covered and patrolled in the next few days.

Their deployment is a result of last weeks politically incorrect comments by Senator Rick Santorum as he defended the American family.

Thousands of tourists and Senate Staff members are being greeted and screened by TCP Captain Jack Clayton with a friendly whistle and question, \"are you watching your thoughts?\" and asking people to turn in handheld computers, pens, any writing instruments.

\"We cannot simply allow people like Senator Santorum to say such thoughtful, politically incorrect statements,\" said Clayton, as he demonstrated the absurdity of the left\'s assault on the Pennsylvania Senator. \"As members of the politically correct elite, we will see to it that all those who disagree with us are punished for their thought crimes!\"

The Thought Control Police have collection boxes and are offering limited amnesty for all notepads, books, audio tapes, video tapes and religious articles for suspects who turn them in voluntarily.

Members of various religious orders (Buddhist monks, priests, nuns, monestary monks, brothers, bishops) are being taken into custody and questioned publicly.

Applications to join the Thought Control Police are being received at Public Advocate\'s Virginia offices. You must be willing to proudly wear the blue uniform of the TCP for an eight hour shift. If you wish to surrender and become a Prisoner of Thought Control (PTCP), we will accept your submission at the PA offices as well.

The TCP and their prisoners have joined together in singing a song called \"Thought Control is Lovely\" to the tune of the theme from \"My Fair Lady.\" The lyrics to the song are as follows:

\"What I want is Thought Control
You\'re my slave, and I\'m on a roll
Your whole life I will control
Oh, wouldn\'t it be lovely

\"A Court decree and your\'re my slave
Thought control is what I crave
That is why I rant and rave
Oh, wouldn\'t it be lovely

\"Rick Santorum\'s words were true
But P C cops don\'t have a clue
Our whole aims controlling you
Oh wouldn\'t it be lovely.\"

Pictures of the dramatic political street theatre group, the Thought Control Police, are posted online. Public Advocate has been fighting for the American Family as a non-profit 501.c.4 organization, for over twenty-five years. For more information contact Jesse Binnall at 703/582-7924.