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Obama "Assists Tea Party" With Targeting--White House threatens to veto 'reckless and irresponsible' House spending bill

PA president Eugene Delgaudio says "Here's the President who destroyed America's dominance in the world economy and foreign policy influence by any measure -academic or results, and claims the Republicans who want an end to destroying genuine freedoms as "reckless"."

"Ironically as many dumb Democratic Party and stupid Republican RINOs (Republican in Name Only) Senators do what President Obama is demanding, they are working together with the TEA Party activists who are attempting to defeat and target many of them in primaries and other contests. Even Democratic Party challenges within that Party are on the table today in several states, " added Eugene Delgaudio.


Public Advocate has a program in a dozen states in the 1.) U.S. Postage mail and 2.) using telephones, and 3. internet email addresses and 4. faxes to reach thousands to contact their respective U.S.Senators on defending pro-family policies

The Hill newspaper reports in part:

The White House on Saturday said President Obama would veto the House GOP's latest stopgap spending measure.

It said Obama would veto the bill because of the inclusion of language delaying ObamaCare and eliminating a medical device tax, while faulting the House for not moving a simple funding measure approved by the Senate on Friday.

"Rather than taking up that legislation, the House proposes amendments that advance a narrow ideological agenda and threaten the nation's economy," the White House budget office said in a statement.

"By including extraneous measures that have no place in a government funding bill and that the president and Senate already made clear are unacceptable, House Republicans are pushing the government toward shutdown," it said. "If the president was presented with H.J. Res 59, as amended by these amendments, he would veto the bill."

"The real question is if enough stupid Democrats and dumbed down Republican RINOs (Republican in Name Only) assist President Obama in voting as he is demanding so that Tea Party activists can spotlight or bring a political focus on the Democratic Party and Republican Party Senators who vote "wrong"," added Delgaudio.

Public Advocate has a program in a dozen states to publicize Senators who are silent on pro-family issues.

Before the veto threat, White House press secretary Jay Carney called the GOP measure "reckless and irresponsible."

Any Republican who votes for the bill is "voting for a shutdown," he said in a statement.

.............."It's up to the Senate to pass it and stop a government shutdown," Boehner said on Saturday. But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) called the vote "pointless."