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Writers at the Comedy Central Alert are on full alert. Another elected conservative has used the term "fruity". Comedy Central, along with other liberal media outlets, mock the quaint traditional view 24 hours a day 7 days a week and when any American -- especially an elected official--- dares to speak bluntly-- their comedy writers go into JOKE MELTDOWN.


Oklahoma senator calls out Congress for blowing money on 'fruity' grants

"One Washington lawmaker says the fiscal fight in DC needs to be refocused on millions of dollars being blown on new government grants that include everything from spending on social media for apples, Christmas tree initiatives and a YouTube video promoting the proper handling of watermelons. And that's just this week alone.

"Lost in the back and forth this week regarding whether or not to shut down the government over ObamaCare was a real debate about all the other things that this bill will fund," Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., said in a statement Friday.

Coburn, a fiscal hawk who publishes an annual "Wastebook" report, says the funding bill Congress is currently considering is chock full of head-scratching, taxpayer money-wasting government grants. They include: 35 wine projects, including 10 grants to support wine tasting, radio ads about New Jersey blueberries and funding for Organizing Maple Weekend in Massachusetts, with festivities that include a recipe contest........

Elsewhere," Coburn continued, "just this week the government celebrated Christmas in September by funding numerous Christmas tree projects across the country plus a number of other stupid projects like junkets for Chinese wine connoisseurs and a maple syrup recipe contest." (end quote)

(We could not find the "fruity" comment, but belive it refers to the actual content of the budget expenditures -- what the money was spent on).

Of course, the major media reported Coburn's egotistical and completely bizarre comments and ranting that Texas Senator Ted Cruz was getting all the publicity -- including all the comedy central writers --- and attention with that pesky and bothersome filibuster lasting 20 hours and 18 minutes or something like that.