Defending the family

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Eugene Delgaudio: Fix Bayonets, Advance To the Last Man or Woman, Kill Obamacare

Pat Buchanan says:

The Republican war over whether to bow to the seemingly inevitable and fund Obamacare is a Panama Canal issue. How one votes here may decisively affect one's career.

(Texas Senator) Ted Cruz may have, as Richard Nixon used to say, "broken his pick" in the Republican caucus. Yet, on Obamacare, his analysis is right, his instincts are right, his disposition to fight is right.

(And).....Americans don't want a dignified surrender on Obamacare. They want someone to drive a stake through Obamacare." says Buchanan at Human Events.

(Buchanan quotes) Columnist Terry Jeffrey writes, "[M]ake no mistake. If Obamacare is funded and implemented it will be because Republican members of Congress decided to do it."

Public Advocate is fighting the same arrogant mentality among Republican RINOs (Republican in Name Only) that exists with Democratic Party allies of the homosexual lobby-- give away trillions of dollars and hope nobody notices or think constituents will not band together.

Public Advocate has a program in a dozen states in the 1.) U.S. Postage mail and 2.) using telephones, and 3. internet email addresses and 4. faxes to reach thousands to contact their respective U.S.Senators on defending pro-family policies