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BAD NEWS on ENDA Front: Homosexual Lobby only needs Six more Votes

Homosexual Lobby only needs Six more Votes

The Gay Bill of Special Rights (S.815) is now only six votes away from being filibuster proof.

On September 11, Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts became the 54th co-sponsor of this homosexual legislation.

The Homosexual Lobby is desperate to hit the threshold of 60 confirmed supporters in the Senate before Majority Leader Harry Reid calls it for a vote.

With 60 votes, they will be able to override a pro-Family filibuster and pass it without any "fuss."

"Slowing down the voting process with a filibuster is the best chance to stop it, " says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Most of these senators know that mainstream Americans would never stand for the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

But they also know that the Homosexual Lobby is watching every vote they cast.

And because the Homosexual Lobby commands vast amounts of money, most of these senators are desperate to appease the Homosexual Lobby by voting for S.815.

But they want to do it quietly and quickly.

That's why Public Advocate is committed to stopping them from getting to 60 co-sponsors.

The Homosexual Lobby and their allies are working hard to corral those last six votes.

Among their prime targets, are the last three Democrat senators; Joe Manchin (WV), Mark Pryor (AR), and Bill Nelson (FL).

Public Advocate is working tirelessly in these three states -- and a half dozen more --to convince the senators to declare their firm opposition to S.815.

And Florida supporters have asked their Senator Marco Rubio to get ready to take the lead on a pro-Family filibuster.

S.815 could come up for a vote any day, but Public Advocate is ready for the showdown.