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Senator Ron Johnson "In Inquisition" With Conservative Mark Levin -- trading verbal blows

Senator Johnson said he ran in 2013 to repeal Obamacare but was no where to be seen during the debate in recent days and "opposes" the Ted Cruz stategy and ignored his filibuster completely.

"I certainly did not come on here expecting an inquisition," said Johnson.

Levin said:

Senator put you animosity aside for a minute......if you step back for a minute, that filibuster (changed) a lot of people in the Congress who were laying down and rose up to fight....whatever strength we have to fight currently....came out of that (filibuster).

Johnson: "I like the fight, I just don't like the circular firing squad."

Mark: "Well, then put your rifle down."

A classic and blunt admission tonight by a sitting Republican Senator that moderate Republicans have no policies to repeal Obamacare that can be discussed "publicly" and that they are openly critical of conservatives who stand and fight liberal policies out in the open to mobilize the American people.