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Congress must investigate "Routine" Military "Briefings" Of Rank And File Troops That Require Christians To Condemn Traditional Pro-family Groups

In what is becoming a clear pattern, yet another story has surfaced of the U.S. Military pushing the Homosexual Agenda upon our service men and women.

A briefing was recently held at Mississippi's Camp Shelby (Army) in which several dozen soldiers were instructed that pro-family and Christian organizations should be classified as "domestic hate groups."

"Hate Groups," in the same category as the Ku Klux Klan, the Nation of Islam and the Blank Panthers.

One brave soldier contacted the press to alert America to the outrageous lessons being taught.

And his description of the briefing is stunning.

There was no attempt at partiality or fairness.

Just, Christianity and pro-family values are bad.

A chaplain in attendance repeatedly begged the instructor to change his tone, but the instructor stubbornly refused.

Any group which opposes the Homosexual Agenda is "hateful."

The soldiers were explicitly told they could face punishment for supporting pro-family organizations - just like Public Advocate.

The Pentagon insists that briefings like these are unrelated incidences - that there is no official anti-Christian policy.

But this is the third major account of official pro-homosexual activity in just a few months.

And that's not counting all the charges of institutional harassment of individual Christians and pro-Family soldiers.

President Obama has made sure that leadership in every department of his Executive Branch is pushing the Homosexual Agenda on their subordinates.

Supporting real marriage is almost guaranteed to get a federal employee fired -- but those in uniform face far more dire consequences.

One Airman is already facing court martial as a result of his steadfast opposition to homosexual "marriage."

How long will it be before Christians are regularly sent to jail for believing in traditional, pro-family values?

Public Advocate is calling on Congress to open an immediate investigation into these violations of the 1st Amendment.