Defending the family

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Eugene Delgaudio: "Congress Must Act To Stop Army Commander Ordering U.S. Troops To Give Up Christian Beliefs Or Face Court Martial"

A senior officer in the Army is using his authority to push the Homosexual Agenda upon his subordinates.

Jack Rich, a Lt. Colonel in the prestigious 101st Airborne, is responding to Obama's internal program to make the entire Executive Branch pro-homosexual.

And this includes all branches of the military.

Since the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, Obama has been focusing his radical efforts on the men and women serving in uniform.

They are especially vulnerable to this kind of pressure.

What are these soldiers supposed to say when a superior officer orders them to embrace immoral values?

They are literally restricted from speaking up and defending themselves and their beliefs.

Which is why it is so important Public Advocate speaks up on their behalf.

Colonel Rich's email has been leaked online, and here you can see he sent it to dozens of officers and sergeants under his command.

In it, Rich all but orders his soldiers to condemn Christian values.

And he explains very clearly that "Army values" do not allow opposition to the Homosexual Agenda.

The behavior he is complaining about is later explained: Any opposition to the Homosexual Agenda.

He then goes on to condemn any group that supports Biblical and real family values -- just like Public Advocate.

Organizations which he labels as "hate groups" and links in with the likes of Neo-Nazis and the KKK!

His solution to this is to insist that his men "maintain our [the Army's] standards."

Apparently homosexual values -- such as the destruction of real families, promotion of sexual perversion, and privileged rights in society -- are more important to the Army than the Christian values our nation was founded on.

In the core of his email, this colonel directly condemns Christians and conservatives on the Right.

He writes that any action against the Homosexual Agenda is wrong, with the implication that this behavior could lead to military discipline.

Americans in uniform are being faced with the choice of embracing the Homosexual Agenda, or risking their freedom by holding to their religious beliefs.

And with the colonel's specific attack on pro-Family organizations, I fear that servicemen and women will be forced to withdraw their support from Public Advocate.

Below is the bulk of his upsetting and biased email:

The Obama Administration is bearing down on Christians and moral Americans more and more.

And this email is just further proof of the shifting values and policies in our government.

There have been several recent stories of soldiers drummed out of service or punished for speaking out against homosexuality or homosexual "marriage."

And Public Advocate is the only organization speaking out about this outrage every time.

So far, Lt. Col. Rich has not been disciplined for his gross misconduct. But Public Advocate will not let Obama sweep this under the rug.